• Because it's mounted upside down you need to pull the ringer up to ding it, which isn't as intuitive as pushing it down, and because it's out front it means taking a hand off the bar to ring it, or at least moving your hand to near the stem and flicking it with your finger. You get used to it after a bit. It is one of the neater solutions for putting a bell on your bike.

    Dave Atkinson
    Dave Atkinson road.cc
  • I had some initial concerns about the practicality of being able to reach the bell’s lever, as due to the bell sitting out in front of the bars you need to take a hand of the the bars. However, I soon got the hang of hitting the bell on the move and it is more than loud enough to get people’s attention. If you have ever thought about using a bell but didn’t want to clog up your bars, HideMyBell could be the solution.

    Chris Hovenden
    Chris Hovenden Cycling Weekly
  • As we walked the halls of BikeMotion we ran into the guys behind HideMyBell, formerly a Kickstarter project that combines an out-front style mount for a Garmin Edge computer yet integrates an 85dB bell into the base of the mount. The polymer mount is held in place a single bolt, and weight 46 grams.

    Bikeradar Bikeradar
  • HideMyBell is simple to install – open the clamp, install around the handlebar and tighten the stainless steel M3 bolt to 5Nm. Done. To activate the bell, simply pull and release the clapper, which resides on the right side of the unit. It takes only a couple of times of using the bell, to instinctively flick the clapper while keeping eyes on the road ahead. The bell rings at 85 decibels within a range of five meters.

    Jayson O’Mahoney
    Jayson O’Mahoney Bike Rumor!
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