The HideMyBell is an unique Dutch designed computer mount. Besides a discrete bike bell it hold your bike computer firmly and there is an option for our accessories. Used allready by many pro cyclists. Are you ready?



In addition to the regular HideMyBell, there is the a mini variant. This model has been optimized for the popular compact data collectors. The model fits for housing to max. 50 mm like the Garmin Edge 520/820 series.

FI Mount


Does your road bike have a trendy aero cockpit, with handlebars and stem in one piece? Then the HideMyBell FI-Mount is what you are looking for. The FI-Mount is attached with two bolts or with a GoPro stem connection.

GoPro style adapter


Make the HideMyBell even more a multi-user with the GoPro style adapter. With the  fastening point intergrated in the arm of each HideMyBell product you can easy attach this asseccoiry. #allinclusive

Universal light adapter


With the universal lamp adapter, the HideMyBell can be equiped with an additional holder. On the round part of the product, each type of lamp with a normal handle bar clamp can be fitted. #allinclusive

Set bike computer adapters


With this spare part you can change the fitting. The set include: Garmin, Bryton, Mio, Lezyne and Polar adapters. NOTE: if you change the Garmin adapter 90 degrees it will eat the Wahoo computer!

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